Market Garden

It's good to be adrift!
As long as you have a soft and feather stuffed pillow to fall on...

Until then...

You may deny it at will and seek refuge behind the pleasantries of today, but bear in mind that when going gets rough you don't have the chops for it and I'll be the one on the business end of a fucked up telephone conversation.
Get yours and get it good, but do it in time, otherwise you'll lose the momento and all you'll have left is a number to dial and a wound the just won't heal.
If honesty was your strong suit, you'd be spared a lot of grief, and believe you me when I say that you're the one with the most to loose. Me, I already lost what I had to loose and here on, it can only go sideways.

A Summer of struggles


A sickening thought

It's interesting how a dream can be like fish spine stuck in the throat. I never remember my dreams, yet I had to remember this one.
A conversation that has not yet come to past, but given the circumstances will indeed happen. The dialogue, the expressions, the place, the reactions... It's all there!
To know about one's future pain is nothing short of sickening!



It's Moops!



"-What are you going to do today?
-But that's what you've done yesterday!
-Yep, but I haven't finished!!"



"if you named a kid Rasputine, do you think it would have a negative effect on his life?"